Check out some clips of Everett laying down some guitars for the Laugh At The Fakes first full-length album "Dethrone The Crown"

Hey Laughers,

We have a chance to open for Theory Of A Deadman, but we need your help. All you have to do is go to the link below and vote for our band. You can vote once per 24 hours. Spread the word!!!

What Are You Eating In Toronto 

All right all you nighthawks. Laugh At The Fakes will be playing at the Cage on Friday October 18th. Everyone who is familiar with Indie Week knows that the bars stay open until 4am. We will be taking the stage at 2am. So take your Siesta and come out ready to rock.

Thanks to all of your support, Laugh At The Fakes have been voted into the top 15 bands for 97.7 Hitz Fm's Rock Search 2013. The band will be performing a showcase in Niagara on June 14th. More details to come.

Here is the list of the bands that made the cut

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Please click on this link and vote for us. You can vote once per hour.


We have been selected as one of the top 25 bands in 97.7 Hitz fm's Rock Search 2013. Please help us out and vote for our band. You can vote ever hour. The voting lasts until May 30th at noon. Here is the link to vote

Hello Laughers,

Tune into 977 hits fm( today at 3pm to see if Iron Mike Bensson announces Laugh At The Fakes as one of the top 25 finalists for Rocksearch 2013!!!

Laugh At The Fakes with The Day Street Brothel, Nonexistent, and Basalisk tonight!!! Come on down to the Mansion. 5 bucks!!!

Laugh At The Fakes are extremely excited to being participating in Canadian Music Week. The bands showcase is at 11pm sharp at The Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday March 23rd. Check out the band's CMW Artist Profile at this link

We are extremely excited to be going to Kingston, one of our favourite towns, to play with two of our favourite bands, The Day Street Brothel and Nonexistent. This mayhem will take place at The Mansion located at 506 Princess St. Show starts at 8:30pm. This is an All Ages show, so bring your babies.

It's our unfortunate duty to confirm today that the group is moving forward without the service of Julian Craig any longer. We all thank him and appreciate his time here and all of the accomplishments we achieved with him. We also wish him well in his future endeavors. 
To our fans, nothing has changed with regards to all scheduled show dates...we're still playing CMW, etc. More LATF news to come...

Everett just did a small interview with Real Sounds. Check it out at this link

We are very excited to be playing our first show of 2013 and our first show in Barrie on Friday January 11th. We will be sharing the stage with Angels Of Fire, Carpenters Keys, and our friends Bury Her Alive. Check out our tour date section for more details.

Big new folks!!! We have been given the opportunity to play a showcase in next years upcoming Canadian Music Week!!!

More details to come soon.


The Velvet Underground

Erik's Birthday Jam 9pm

510 Queen Street West Toronto ON ON M5V 2B3 CA
Price: 10 Tickets Through The Band

We are stoked to be playing our next show at The Velvet Underground in Toronto. It is also our guitar player Erik Moody's birthday weekend, so bang your head and buy him a drink.

Friday November 16th is Belle's Pub in Belleville with Nonexistent. Saturday November 17th is at Piranha Bar in Montreal.

Check out on Sunday November 11th at 5pm to hear an interview with Laugh At The Fakes and of course LATF tunage.

Laugh At The Fakes will be playing and the Belle Pub in Belleville with their good friends Nonexistent on Friday November 16th. Then the band heads to Montreal to play at Piranha Bar the following evening for and early 9pm set to open the night. See you all out there.

read the review of the entire evening at this link

On Sunday November 11th at 5pm The Haze Fm will be playing an interview featuring Everett and Galen. Deirdre Mallehe hosts the show and will be asking the band questions and playing songs by Laugh At THe Fakes. 

LAUGH AT THE Fakes "One Night Only"

Sounds like a tasty blend of rock and metalWith such an eclectic style, you can actually make fun of fakes. Canadian trio (now a quartet) draws handful of classic hardrock (Van Halen, Aerosmith), heavy (early Rage, Helstar, Iron Maiden) and thrash metal (Annihilator, Death Angel, early Metallica), from time to time and serving moo ' la Phil Anselmo. That confusion of jumbling? Not at all! LATF composed pieces are all well and keep a high level. Far association is "Set The World On Fire" Annihilator, but for these kids play and hear the enthusiasm. Strong and determined to enter the scene, curious what will show next. More

check out the link at

The original review was in Polish, so feel free to hit the translate button at the top of the page.

On Wednesday August 29th Laugh At The Fakes are playing The Hard Luck Bar located at 772 Dundas Street West. Doors are at 8pm and LATF take the stage at 9pm sharp. For more details check out the facebook event link at 

Laugh At The Fakes will be releasing a their brand new music video for the song "Better Than You" this Thursday August 9th. We will be posting the youtube link on here, our facebook, and twitter pages.

Tune into at 9am and 3pmto hear the show. 

Move over Budgie, Laugh At The Fakes are here to take over your perch.....


If you like your rock in a NWOBHM style, then look no further because this is a great little package to fill the void whilst you're waiting for that new Tygers Of Pan Tang album.
The great thing about the NWOBHM is that it is so simple, those that now try and pay homage naturally throw in some thrash leanings or add a bit of doom to proceedings but these guys really have nailed down the premise of what the true leanings of that great movement are.


'One Night Only' showcases six tracks that are worthy of your time.


'Again And Again' chugs its way into it with some heavy riffing whilst a nice solo twiddies over the top before the Budgie comparisons kick in. This is a great reminder of how great that time in metal was; it's just simply a good metal tune. 'Better Than You' is a stop-start-stop-start track that you can really get into despite its juddery nature. 'Two Years Too Long' is a great melodic stab of metal that only helps their cause. 'Little Angel' again has a more melodic edge and less of the heavy guitars which produces a more late eighties style than the bludgeoning sound of the early days.


All in all, this is a good little album too add to your collection alongside your Savage and Praying Mantis LPs.


Old Skool proper from Toronto, Canada.


check out the link at

One Night Only by Laugh At The Fakes